I offer 4, simple services:

  1. audiobook narration
  2. audiobook editing and mastering for Audible, iTunes etc.
  3. complete audiobook production in your own home
  4. coming soon – complete audiobook production in my studio – Ronnie’s Library

Here’s what a plan for recording your book might look like:

  1. You send me the script of your book
  2. I review the script for any common ‘traps’ like words which are difficult to pronounce or formatting which will make the audio difficult for the listener to understand
  3. I meet you in Zoom.us (which is just like Skype) for up to an hour to discuss the project
  4. I visit you in your home with my bespoke, portable set up or you can join me to record in my custom audiobook recording studio, ‘Ronnie’s Library’ in Stratford-upon-Avon
  5. If I come to you, all you need to provide is a small, quiet room, a plug socket, a table and two copies of the script – I do the rest
  6. I produce the recording ‘live’, giving error correction advice and general direction
  7. I edit, optimise and master the audio files for upload to Audible, iTunes, Amazon and others.