You’ve written a book…You’ve published it in print and as an e-book…now what?

What else are your competitors doing with their books?
They're creating audiobooks!

So why not create your audiobook in the comfort of your own home - or at my 'home' studio?


Audiobooks At Home


How I record and produce your audiobook

Find out about my audiobook recording process

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Record audiobooks at YOUR home

I've created a unique, bespoke, portable audiobook studio

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Record audiobooks at MY 'home' studio

'Ronnie's Library' studio in Stratford-upon-Avon

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Audiobook producer, Kevin Mulryne, portrait by William Mulryne
Audiobook producer, Kevin Mulryne

I love recording and editing audio. This intimate medium requires in-depth knowledge and high-quality equipment to make the audio version of your book compelling for your listeners.

As a teacher and then an E-Learning Specialist, I’ve been recording audio since 1999 but I really started taking it seriously in 2010 when I began my first podcast. I’ve hosted, recorded, edited and produced hundreds of episodes of a variety of different shows and now I’ve turned my attention to audiobooks.

Everything I have learned through decades of working with people is useful in my audiobook production work. I love helping authors and others to transform their words into high-quality sound.