Think of this as the ‘Rolls Royce’ option. It’s for you if you’ve:

  • Spent countless hours on your book
  • Honed every word so that it’s perfect
  • Want the audiobook to represent the best possible view of your brand and your content

Recording in-person is the only way to get professional audio quality and complete your audiobook quickly, in the comfort of your own home (or COMING SOON in my own bespoke audiobook studio).

I have lots of recent experience of working with authors in their own homes and I specialise in helping you to record your audiobook to a professional standard in as little as one and a half days (depending on the length of your book).

How does it work?

Just imagine – I meet you online for a planning session and then I come to your home to record. In less than two days, you are finished. I go away and edit the recordings, master the MP3s to Audible standards and upload for you.

Does that sound better than using up dozens of hours of your time trying to get a decent sound out of your own recording equipment, only to realise the quality is disappointing and the process very frustrating?