Recorded with my portable studio
My Child’s Different: The Lessons Learned from One Family’s Struggle to Unlock Their Son’s Potential I recorded this audiobook in Elaine’s home, with additional narrators, Sam and Melissa
Recorded with my portable studio
When The Adults Change Everything Changes by Paul Dix, recorded by Kevin Mulryne
When the Adults Change, Everything Changes: Seismic Shifts in School Behaviour on Amazon. I recorded the audio version of this best-selling book at author Paul Dix’s house.
Recorded with my portable studio

Praise for Paul Dix’s audiobook:

“The first thing I did on finishing… this book, was to listen to it again … and then a third time.

It’s especially good when authors read their own books and Paul Dix’s voice gives perfect emphasis to his key messages and anecdotes.

The challenge of all leaders in schools and colleges is to free teachers from the burden of pointless data tasks so that they have the time and space to show the empathy and interest, and give the pastoral care that are essential to turn troubled minds to learning.”

Review on Audible by P W. 10-07-19