Cheap - Fast - Good triangle
Cheap – Fast – Good triangle

You may have seen the diagram above before. When you are producing something, you can only choose two of the three corners of the triangle. So, you can have:

  • Something cheap and fast to produce but it won’t be good
  • Something fast to produce and good but it will be expensive
  • Something good and cheap but it will take a long time

This is very much the case for recording audiobooks.

Whether you are a self-published author or have a contract with a publisher, you are probably aware of the costs involved with producing books.

For example, I am told that the recommended cost of proper, professional editing for a 280-page book is around £1000.

Cover design, printing, advertising – it all adds up, so why bother with recording an audiobook as well? Doesn’t it just add more expense?

Well, a professional studio will cost you up to £1500 (London) for two days of recording (a pretty standard amount of time to spend on a single book of approx. 280 pages) and you’ll need to add accommodation and subsistence costs. This cost probably won’t include the kind of attention I give to your audiobook project. I work in partnership with you for as long as it take s to create a great-sounding book with which you are delighted.

I specialise in helping authors to record their own books and I have lower overheads than a professional studio but if you’re looking for cheap and cheerful audiobook creation, then my service probably isn’t for you.

I aim for sound quality as close as possible to a professional studio but with all the convenience of visiting you in your own home, recording with you remotely or hosting you at my bespoke audiobook studio.

If you need evidence that you should be making your book into an audiobook, look what’s happening in the publishing industry:

The Downloaded Audio format [Audiobooks] has seen continuous growth every month since 2012.

Has the Pandemic affected sales of Audiobooks? Take a look at this:

Bookstores and libraries all over the world have closed and this has led to a boom in online sales. Audiobooks in particular have been doing very well. In the United States there was a 15.1% increase in sales, compared to March of last year, reaching $50 million in revenue.

I’m sure you know that most fiction authors and a lot of non-fiction authors hire voice actors to narrate their books but take a look at this:

 Did you know that many audiobook listeners actually prefer to listen to audiobooks that were narrated by the author? Your fans already love your written work, so narrating your audiobook yourself lets you take your relationship with your readers one step further by letting them hear you tell your story in your own voice.

So your readers will be expecting your books to be available in audio format, narrated by you, as well as e-book and printed versions.

Of course, it’s possible to find more reasonably-priced recording facilities outside of the capital than the costs I mention above but, in my experience, the lower you go, the less personal attention you’ll receive and the more difficult and disappointing the process and results can be.

Each project is different and prices start at around £350 but see below for some example packages (click or tap for more details):

I can…